Thanks Mom

Dear Mom,

Thanks for loving dad so well; I’m not sure you’ll ever know how important it was for us to see what an “I’m not going anywhere” kind of marriage looked like (and continues to look like).

Thanks for doing without so that we wouldn’t have to; I never realized this until I became a parent.

Thanks for being so patient; dear Lord, how were you so patient?

Thanks for calling me on the nights I was out past midnight; it made me realize you cared.

Thanks for the many spontaneous road trips; they have taught me to enjoy life even when I’m not sure what’s around the corner.

Thanks for all the home-cooked meals; they were way better than eating fast food every night.

Thanks for still buying me meals when we eat out; generosity has always been your love language.

Thanks for loving my wife; she is my priority, and your love and acceptance of her means more than you know.

Thanks for working so hard; it showed us that work is a good gift to be embraced.

Thanks for family vacations; they reminded us that, while work was important, rest was also a commandment from God.

Thank you for being so strong-willed; it taught us that our convictions are worth fighting for.

Thanks for disciplining us like you did; looking back, I now know it was because you were loving us well.

Thanks for letting your boys be boys; I think it helped us to become men.

Thanks for not allowing church to be an option; it’s one of the reasons us kids are in church today.

Thanks for looking past all the things I’ve neglected to thank you for; you’ve always leaked grace on us kids.

Thanks for kneeling on the pink carpeted floor and floral print couches of the family room and leading me to Jesus; that has made all the difference.

But seriously, what made you think pink carpet was ever a good idea?

Love always,
Your son.


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